The Mortar Pump machine ( plastering machine) is assembled and receives technological support from Taiwan.
It is a combination of 3 main components, which includes a Main Pump, a Mixer and a Square Hopper in addition to other accessories. 

For Plaster Spraying Machine, just install a Spray Gun connect to the delivery tube then point it out on the wall. Overall progress is faster, high efficiency, good quality control and safety.

We provide Mortar Pump (plastering machine) rental service and sale cover whole Malaysia.

Machine functionalities:

1. The Mixer – The Mixer mixes sand and cement in an anticlockwise or clockwise motion, ensuring the finest mix of the materials

2. Together with the Square Hopper and the vibrator it ensures separation of unwanted materials from the mix

3. The Main Pump – pumps the processed mortar to designated worksites above ground

Technical Features

  • Main Engine Power 5HP
  • Voltage: 380-415V (50HZ)
  • Generator Recommended:

  • Output per hour: 2-3m3
  • Cycle per hour: 7-9
  • Max. Delivery Height: 75m
  • Max. Delivery Distance: 120m
  • Weight of Main Engine: 350kg
  • Extruding Tube: #301
  • Thickness: 12.5mm
  • Outer Diameter 63mm
  • Inner Diameter 38mm
  • Length: 125mm


  • Extra large capacity Mixer and Square Hopper for increased material production
  • Powerful enough to pump up to 75mm high/distance of 120m with output of 2-3m3 per hour
  • Extended production time
  • Shortened material delivery time
  • Reduced material wastage
  • Reduced manpower / labour head
  • Quality of mechanically processed mortar is stable, thus lowering cracking effect
  • Efficient separation of unwanted materials from Square Hopper’s efficient vibrator
  • Easy to maintain
  • Consistent quality
  • Cost effective                                                        




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