Epidemic Prevention Work

The World Health Organization classifies the new crown pneumonia epidemic as a “pandemic”. 175 countries or regions around the world have been affected by the epidemic. As of Covid-19 Global Update on 01.06.2021, the number of confirmed cases is as high as 171,476,582, and the number of deaths is as high as 3,565,849.

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the hearts of the people around the world have been tightly grasped, and they are always paying attention to the development of the epidemic. They will face the virus attack anytime and anywhere. The epidemic will last for a long time, “for example, two to three years.” Even if someone successfully develops a drug that can fight the new coronavirus, the epidemic will not disappear in a short period time. Everyone must be prepared for a “protracted war”.


It is normal for us to feel scared, nervous and anxious in the face of highly contagious diseases. Without these instinctive reactions, it may be difficult for us to persist in the epidemic prevention work for a long time. After all, wearing masks, reducing going out, avoiding gatherings, etc. will bring inconvenience to our lives.


Everyone will have a false alarm because of cold symptoms. For quite a long time in the future, as long as there is any disturbance in our own or relatives and friends’ bodies, we will inevitably be frightened. At the same time, there has been an upsurge of “buying” in various places, and many families are facing the problem of lack of supplies, making the people more panic.


In this “protracted war against the epidemic,” people have to face constant long-term psychological adjustments, health problems, and life problems. After the reform of Nilai Mayang Company, our founder Mr. Nyow Kit Boon knows that the existence of the company is not just to realize his personal ambitions, but to protect the lives of employees and bring them a happy life. This is one of the company’s missions, the meaning of business operations. The epidemic is serious, at the level of epidemic prevention work, the company not only responds to the normal business regulations of the national government, protects the precious lives of employees, but also cherishes valued customers in Nilai Mayang. Our company not only follow the basic SOP and starts from January, every two months all employees will have a swab test, this test was the third time. At the same time, the management also monitors the progress of employees registering for vaccinations and encourages all employees to be vaccinated!