NB Tile Adhesive 113

During 2013yr, we had concerned every conveniences and workability for our dear customers in the construction field, which matters a lot towards workability control, quality work control and labor fees control, NB® Tile Adhesive 113 has then been born on the market. It took us more than 5 years to implement plenty of development, researches, tests, and strategies in order to carry out a better and more suitable product to meet the most common needs for majority contractors. In another word, we are attentive and circumspect to our products’ quality and potentials.

NB® Tile Adhesive 113 – the professional formula cementitious adhesive with high bond strength, applicable for all ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles installation. In order to ensure a regular quality achievement, we decided to bring out with 25kg premixed pack; by just pour out and mix with the proper ratio of water, your tile adhesive is then ready to be used.  While, we try to keep it as simple as it can, make sure the brand new NB® Tile Adhesive is easy to construct and handle, convenient to use and user friendly.

Furthermore, NB® Tile Adhesive 113 works with good water retention for tile installation, perfectly performs for its workability and open time. It provides maximum resistance to intermittent water exposure on the outer surface, thus, able to provide enough water to harden the adhesive base. NB® Tile Adhesive 113 is capable for direct bedding, and even background rendering for tiles installation. Its strong tenacity gives an excellent grip towards the tiles to prevent ‘hollow tiles’ effect. By using NB Tile Adhesive 113, obstruction of fall off tiles will be resolve.

  • Ceramic tiles, natural stones, mosaic tiles, 
  • 3-in-1 formula, premixed 25kg pack
  • Applicable on wall and floor/ wet and dry mortar bedding
  • Strong and tenacity
  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • Non toxic @ non-flammable
  • High adhesive strength
  • Provide maximum resistance to intermittent water exposure (water retention)
  • User-friendly
  • Lower cost with high quality product in return
  • Manufacture by Germany’s technology
  • No additional materials/ additives needed


  • Appearance : Fine , Grey
  • Conjugates : Ordinary Portland Cement & Zone 2 sand
  • Components : Tricalcium Silicate & Dicalcium Silicate
  • Water ratio : 0.25L/kg
  • Wet Density : 1400 – 1500 kg/m3
  • Dry Density : 1300 – 1400 kg/m3
  • Pot Life : within 2 hours
  • Coverage ; 20 sqft
  • Recommended thickness : 3-6 mm
  • Adhesion According to MS ISO 13007-1 & 2:2005 : > 0.5N/mm2
  • Open Time According to MS ISO 13007-1 & 2:2005 : > 0.5/mm2 after not less than 20 minutes