Mortar Pump Machine

The Mortar Pump Machine is assembled and receives technological support from Taiwan. It is a combination of 3 main components, which includes a Main Pump, a Mixer and a Square Hopper in addition to other accessories.

Machine functionalities:

  1. The Mixer – The Mixer mixes sand and cement in an anticlockwise or clockwise motion, ensuring the finest mix of the materials.
  2. Together with the Square Hopper and the vibrator it ensures separation of unwanted materials from the mix.
  3. The Main Pump – pumps the processed mortar to designated worksites above ground.

Our rented equipments are maintained by a group of dedicated professionals thus ensuring our equipment are always clean and functional at all times. Coupled by a well managed stock inventory plus strict quality control, our customers can expect quality working equipment timely, every time.

  • Technology from Taiwan with trained professionals for service & repair
  • Extended production time
  • Extra large capacity Mixer and Square Hopper for increased material production
  • Powerful enough to pump up to 75m high/distance of 120m with output of 2 – 3m3 per hour
  • Shortened material delivery time
  • Reduced material wastage
  • Efficient separation of unwanted materials from Square Hopper’s efficient vibrator
  • Easy to maintain
  • Consistent quality
  • Cost effective
Mixer Square Hopper
     Power 3 hp 1 hp
     Capacity 280 liter 300 liter
     Power 170kg 140kg
NM430 NM303 NM820
     Main Engine Power 5 hp 5 hp 7.5 hp
     Voltage 380 – 415V (50Hz) 380 – 415V (50Hz) 380 – 415V (50Hz)
     Generator Recommended  25kVA 25kVA 30kVA
     Output per hour 2 – 3m3 2 -3 m3 2 -4 m3
     Cycle per hour 7 – 9 7 – 9 12 -16
     Max. Delivery Height 75m 75m 60m
     Max. Delivery Distance 120m 120m 120m
     Weight of Main Engine 350kg 350kg 450kg
     Extruding Tube





     Outer Diameter 

     Inner Diameter














     Operation PLC RC RC

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