MH Coat 329 Extra Smooth

MH Coat 329 Extra Smooth
* fine mixture of gypsum and sparkles, well formulated with graded materials for durable plaster finish coat. * capable of crack-resistance with superior bonding strength, contains of high initial adhesiveness with non-sag
properties. It also reduces the maximum of falling off power phenomenon.
* An ideal for concrete substrates and brickwork surfaces, which provide the only way to achieve a level 5
drywall finishes

Net weight Approx 40kg


* Enhanced Workability
* Minimizes Cracks
* Cost Effective
* High Bonding Strength
* Premixed ( Ensure Good Consistent Quality)

Appearance Ivory White Powder
Conjugates Ordinary Portland Cement
Components Tricalcium Silicate & Dicalcium Silicate
Auxiliaries Additives to enchance workability water and adhesion
Water Ratio 15 – 16 litres of watyer in a suitable mixing vessel
Wet Density 1800 – 1900 kg/m3
Dy Density 1300 – 1400 kg/m3
Bond Strength Above >0.5/mm2
Recommend Thickness Maximum 3mm/layer
Coverage Approximately one hour after mixing

It should be applied onto the substrates using steel trowel. Finish Coat 329 can be applied up to the thickness of 3mm.

It can be finished with soft hair brussh or trowelled smooth. For thicker applications with several layers, the layer underneath must be “touch-dry” before applying the subsequent layer.

It is important to protect the product during placement and whilst curing from direct sunlight and winds. This is to prevent
rapid dehydration.