M.H Mix

M.H Mix™
Build More, Save More

M.H Mix™ is a high quality powder additive from Germany that enhances the dispersion, pliability, adhesiveness and durability of normal Portland cement. The result is less shrinkage and cracks with excellent workability for a variety of building use. It is economical and easy to use for maximum cost effectiveness.


  • Strong bonding.
  • Low drying shrinkage.
  • Reduced shrinkage cracks.
  • Good workability.
Mix Ratio
Water 30 litres (6 plaster pails)
M.H Mix 100 g
Portland cement 50 kg
Fine sand (plastering grade) 200 kg (40 scoops)


Note :
1. Recommended mixing time should be 5 minutes & above for optimum homogenized mortar.
2. Use only according to recommended dosage. Too high dosage may cause retarding effect to cement mortar.


Product properties :
Colour : White
Binder : Additive for cement compatibility
Additive : Plasticizer to improve adhesion and workability properties
Safety precaution : Wash with lots of water if contact with eye. Seek Medical advice if symptoms persist.
Toxicity : Non-toxic
Origin : Raw material from Germany