KB Tile Glue

KB Tile Glue – the only one ideal additive product for tile installation in 21th century, which has been enhance its quality to the maximum standard, unique in its strength and tenacity which no second brand has ever provided. It is available to apply on ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, natural stones, mosaic tiles, and glass tiles on most common cement substrates, applicable to both internal and external, wall and floor.

KB Tile Glue is an environmental friendly product, its substances is under approval as non toxic materials following by the Germany’s technology manufacturer standard. Furthermore, KB Tile Glue is enable to further mix with a proper ratio of sand, which creates pores for the adhesion layer to withstand heat for expansion and contraction, thus, provide excellent temperature resistance to sustain its tenacity which no other can offer.

Just when you think KB Tile Glue is impressively enough for your tiles installation work, there is even more to tell you how well KB Tile glue can work for you. KB Tile glue has great water retention’s capability for tiles installation, besides; also provide maximum resistance to intermittent water exposure on wall surfaces.

Through our explicit calculations and researches, we found out KB Tile Glue is actually low cost yet offering premium quality in return, in the same time enable to save cost in the overall construction budget compare to other adhesive products. By using Kb Tile Glue, we have faith to ease your construction work as considering on long term period of time, and also resolve your obstruction of falling off tiles.

  • Lower cost with premium quality product in return
  • Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, natural stones, mosaic tiles, glass tiles
  • Applicable on wall and floor/ wet and dry mortar bedding
  • Strong and tenacity
  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • Non toxic @ non-flammable
  • High adhesive strength 
  • Provide maximum resistance to intermittent water exposure (water retention)
  • User-friendly
  • Manufacture by Germany’s technology
  • Enable to add in sand for excellent adhesion results.