Firma RC Wall Bonding Agent

A ready-to-use, extra-grip, render bonding agent containing aggregate to provide an improved key when applying render to exterior substrates.





* Bonding agent for interior and exterior walls
* For use on concrete, brickwork, light weight block work, etc
* Ready to use
* Bonding agent for plastering on RC wall to replace ‘ spatterdash’
* Crystalline fine particles and dirt on wall to create a sound surface

* High penetration
* Strong durable bonding
* Easy application
* Save time
* Save money

a. Application of bonding agent:
Apply Firma RC using brush, rollers
A continous Firma RC onto the entire surface. Allow to dry at least 1 hour

b. Inspection of bonding agent:
Prior to applying plaster. Inspect bonding Agent
Application to assure continous Firma RC over the entire bonding surface.
Reapply Firma Agent over areas not satisfactorily covered.

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