FIRMA AGENT is designed as a Multi-Purpose Bonding Agent most suitable for modifying Ordinary Portland Cement compositions.

FIRMA AGENT a bluish water-based emulsion admixture has an exceptionally high bonding strength when combined with Ordinary Portland Cement Plaster.

Every Smooth Surface ( SHEAR WALL, GLASS, PLYWOOD) Prior to wall plastering and tiling work require a coating of FIRMA AGENT 298.

  • Eliminates the application of “Spatter Dash” or commonly call as pre-grout / stamping / chopping for shear wall plastering
  • High bonding performance even laying tiles on plywood, glass or other unconventional surfaces
  • Enormous time saving, cost saving over conventional resurface work system
  • SIMPLICITY- Add only OPC & WFS for installing Porcelain Tiles

FIRMA AGENT high bonding strength is most suitable for the following applications;

i) Lay all types of tiles, marble and stone on floor and wall
ii) Renovation work lay tiles on tiles
iii) Lay tiles on wooden surfaces (plywood, cement board)
iv) Unconventional surfaces : Lay Tiles on glasses

i) To bond old and new concrete together (eg: defects work)



  • Identify one layer or two layer of FIRMA AGENT 298 for application
  • Clean working surface from excessive dust
  • Apply FIRMA AGENT 298 on the working surface using a brush / roller on tis designated area
  • Allow at least 20 minutes of drying time before proceed working on the surface coated with Firma Agent 298
  • Effective Time – The surface area coated with Firma Agent 298 may be left for up to seven(7days) before the actual laying of tiles or other applications

Remarks :
FIRMA AGENT 298 may be used with admixture of OPC only AND / OR, optionally added Washed Fine Sand and MH PRO 299 cement enhancer into the admixture of OPC & water to produce added – strength’s mortar when required for certain applications.